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Re: problem with ncurses in caldera

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, [iso-8859-1] sindhoor pangal wrote:
> hi
> ok! here's what happened. i did try to see if i can
> run ncurses programs and it worked perfectly. i spoke
> to my friend about this. he suggested that i try and
> uninstall my old ncurses library, that came with
> caldera. i did so and my entire caldera crashed. could

??? That's strange. U tried to uninstall just ncurses, & entire system
crashed ? Did you use the proper tools available to uninstall ? I use
Slackware, so I dunno the details of Caldera.

> not even boot. so i did a reinstall of caldera 2.4.
> this has the old version of ncurses. any suggestions
> what i should do next. should i download the tar file
> again or should i look for an rpm. can i pick it off a
> red hat 6.2 cd. is that possible.

I'd suggest you get an rpm & install, as that's the simplest
possible. It's always suggested that you do a proper uninstall of the
previous version, before you install a new version.