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Re: to develope a linux device driver

>     Thanks sreeji for the suggestion. Also if not on the device driver side can you suggestion something that can be done on other areas. Like in one mail some one was mentioning that NFS has so many flaws and some rework on that can be done.
> pratap

Hi Pratap,

Well, go purely based on your interests. It looks like you've sufficient
time (mmm... that has become a premium these days :-( ), lucky you. I'd
suggest you join a news group of ur interest. Say, if it's networking,
there are so many opensource projects going on (FreeS/WAN is one that
comes immediately to mind - www.freeswan.org) & you can join one of them &
then download the source, get it compiled & start using it. Then u'd know
that there are problems & you can try & solve & upload those patches. Thus
you can contribute to opensource. One thing I'd prefer to see in Linux is
SPX support in the Kernel. I don't think any active work is done on that

Similarly, there are many porting that are taking place. U can identify a
program/device driver .... etc. which is available in another OS & try to
port to Linux. For example, a VB like drag & drop tool for Rapid
App. Devel. (See glade - www.gtk.org). Or implementation of standards like
CORBA (see ORBit - a lightweight ORB - 

I guess my mail's becoming a ramayana ..;-) So I'll stop here.