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Re: sysinfo library problem


may be your memory is not properly detected by the kernel. 
During bootup, press shift when you see the LILO prompt & type your image
name (Press TAB to know the list of available images) followed by the
keyword 'mem=127M' (w/o qutes). Now after the system has booted up, see
whether the memory has been detected correcly.

Once the above is successfull, add the line 
to your /etc/lilo.conf & run lilo.

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Vani R. wrote:

> Hello all ,
> sysinfo(2) returns the RAM size as 64MB even though my system has 128MB
> RAM. Why is this ? The utility 'free' also reports the same.
> Can anybody please help me out in this regard ?
> Thanks in advance,
> --vani--
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