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RE: File handling in kernel mode...

Well, implementors of *nix chose to associate operations on each file
handle (open) to some application process. By this, i mean file operations
(within the kernel) are possible only in context of a process. The kernel
can not, by itself, open some file and start fidlling with it, since it
will be a mockery of file permissions and all that associated with the

In theory, theres no such limitation. You may chose to design an OS which
has no such limitation.


On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Vikram K wrote:

+ yes thats what i meant. anyway, how is is possible in theory?
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+ Could you be more explicit? If you mean to open some file in the kernel,
+ and then do operations on that, it is possible only in theory. Or you mean
+ something else by 'file handling'?
+ On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Vikram K wrote:
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+ + Can anybody tell me how to file handling is done in the kernel mode?
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