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RE: Some memory reallocation.

there are many options. 

you cold write an Allocator Object.. which is pretty complex.

For a patch, you could work on these notes.
Allocate 20 bytes. (say)
Data returned is 4 bytes. (much less than 20)
Frshly Allocate 4 bytes from the heap.. now taht you know your returned data
size !
Copy the data into these newly allocated 4 bytes.
Destroy / Deallocate the original heap of 20 bytes.

Slightly inefficient, but very simple.


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~Hi all,
~	I have a situation where I have allocated a memory 
~chunk to request
~some data. Ultimately, I end up getting much lesser data than I had
~requested for. Now I want to just retain the got data and free the
~unused chunk from my earlier allocated chunk. How do I go about doing
~	Any pointer or suggestion are welcome.
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