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I want to connect from my Linux box (2.2.16, Oracle8i 
client) to a Novell Server (4.11, running Oracle
8.1.5, over SPX). Has anyone in this list done this
before ?
(When I specify protocol as SPX, I'm getting a
'protocol adpater not found' error. & no, there's no
option to install SPX during Oracle install on Linux

I don't think SPX is well supported under Linux
(2.2.16 says it's experimental !) & I dunno whether
Oracle supports SPX on Linux (the oracle doc. says
supported protocols are 'TCP/IP, BEQ, & IPC ...' No
mention of SPX !)

Now'd like to know the following:
1. Is there an sqlplus available for DOS (Now Windoze
!) using which I can connect to Novell Oracle Server
over SPX ?

2. Has any1 connected their Linux/BSD box to an Oracle
Server running on Novell over SPX ?

Thanx in advance. 

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