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Re: Seperate queues for pending and established connections.

yes there is seperate queues for established and pending connections..
but i want to know what is ur exact problem is.. since u r giving the
maximum number of connections in the
listen call of ur server program .. ur SYN flood wont cause any
probs.. coz when the establish connection is closed there can be a
entry from pending to establlished.. at that time u can be given a SYN
to enter ur pending que.....

but if the incomplete ( pending ) que is full ur SYN will not be
considered and it will be ignored. since while retransmission there
may be possiblity of a entry in the pending que..

refer UNP chapter 4 for more details...


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Subject: [LIP] Seperate queues for pending and established


Hi list,

I was doing a quick study on what/which OS-level defenses have evolved
since 1996 against SYN flood. I was wondering whether the two separate
queues implemented in Linux/Solaris/*BSD et al. for pending and
established connections has something to do with SYN flood defense.
popular books tend to imply that, but I failed to see how that helps.

Any explanations? Google surprisingly wasn't very helpful.

Thanks and bye,

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