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Re: How to get display. - sgi to linux.

hi nick/all,
	I still am not able to run.
	i have mesa lib + eg d/led.
	I did  o ./configure --prefix=/usr
	       o make 
	       o make install (su)
	       o make check ( to build eg. )
	       o make exec ( it runs eg..s ).
	I have got libGL and libGLU in /usr/lib - there seems no dir named
/usr/lib/Mesa ( mentioned in doc.. ).
	Still when i try to run . following error comes...
 Xlib: extention "GLX" missing on display xxx.xxx.xx.181:0.0
 Error: GLwMDrawingArea: requested visual not supported
	can we have display directed on 2 display... i mean on SGI box and one
to other standard console?

	so, i am bit confused and since i have not worked on this before,
casuing some prob...
if u can find some error or help out in any way do inform.

Nick Hill wrote:
> Hi. since the glx lib is a lib which interfaces with the X _server_ (i
> hope u know X's inverted server-client concept), u need the
> Mesa3D/OpenGL libs on the box where u need the display too. This is
> because glx is a protocol layered on top of the X protocol, and the X
> _server_ needs to interpret this. in short, u need a GL lib on both the
> boxen. btw, if u're looking for h/w acceleration, using DRI, and want to
> display remotely, forget it. DRI is _not_ network transparent, actually
> it _cant_ be, because of its design. I haven't tried my hand much at
> utah-glx, but atleast, I cant get my glide driver to render the stuff
> and pass it on to another box, cuz the actual GL->glide on my 3dfx are
> done on the _ServeR_ side. u'll get as much acceleration and quality, as
> u're SGI box can handle.
> Nikhil.

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