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Re: Frame buffer Device Missing

I don't know if this fits well in the LI`P' list.

>Hello List,
Hi :-)

>While configuring X on linux (Redhat 6.2), Firstly i am unable to do it in
>buffer mode. The Video card is Intel810 (PIII).
Frame-buffer modes are sorta slow unaccelerated modes. i810 should work
(its supported right?). FB uses VESA BIOS which is standard and
independent (to an extent) of the graphics chip.

>While configuring it to be in frame buffer mode, it gives an error
>     open_framebuffer: failed to open /dev/fb0 (No such device)
>Although the /dev directory contains all of them :

The device driver need be in the memory for the device to work. Did the
system boot up with Frame buffer console driver ? (Saw li'l tux picture?).
Try setting lower modes ? (0x301, 0x303 ...). Remember you ought to have
framebuffer support enabled while compiling the kernel.

[Oops. I forgot about your previous post.]

>3. In XF86Config file, added another entry just under Screen sec
>-tion containing
>the section for svga mode
>4. Made a link for X "ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_FBDev X"
Which `X'. change the /etc/X11/X.

Select a single Display sub-section in the screen section using the
DefaultColorDepth parameter of `screen' section. In that `display'
section place the resolution of the frame-buffer in the beginning.

You are using 791 (0x317) = 1024x768 16bit

Section "Screen"
 DefaultColorDepth 16
 SubSection "Display"
        Depth 16
        Modes "1024x768" ..

Frame buffer device resolution cannot be changed once the linux boots
up, I think it is due to this that X does not startup. X seem to look
for the first mode specified in the apropriate color depth `Display'

Try it.

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