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suggestion required

Hai all,
I want to analyse the graphical app for windows and write the linux 
version.The windows app takes login name and password from the user and send 
it to some cgi sort of program(I think).It depends on IE .If it is a pure HTML 
login ,I can see the source.But it is a wrapper app which depends on IE.The 
wrapper app has hardcoded the Action URL which takes care of transaction.

I have one idea of getting the action URL by,
1)Running proxy server squid on my box and asking my friend to run the app in 
his windows box by using my box as proxy server .So that I can log all the 
request and responses pertaining to my friend's windows box.And later I can 
get the info required like the URL taking care of input of login and password 
and further transaction info.
Any other method to achieve this

thanks in advance
with regards
kamesh jayachandran

kamesh jayachandran
SoftWare Engineer 
See my work at www.electricalmachine.com