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Re: gdb, gcc, a.out


You can try that on linux. I don't know what will happen. But consider this.

1)Your a.out is waiting.
2)You can not create another a.out in the same directory, die to file system
3)If you create a.out in another directory, it's a different binary for OS and
for no reason it should conflict with anything else.

Gurus, correct me if I am wrong...

I hope this is what you requested.....


VenkataNaga Ponnapalli wrote:

> Hi All,
>         I have a file x.c after compling it with gcc and running gdb
> a.out, I set a break point and made the a.out to wait. Now, I made same
> copy of x.c and tried to compile it. On Sun OS,
> it is compiling with no errors and on HP-UX it's giving an error , unable
> to create a.out as the text portion(of the executable) is busy.
> Now I would like to know how linux behaves, and I feel HP-UX is correct,
> as the text portion of an application program is shared by many instances
> and only the data portion changes(like vi etc).