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Re: How to get processor id?

hi shourya,
	Thanks for not flamming.
	hinv gives hardware inventory. but not cpuid.. atleat i could not get
	to get it we need to do it : /etc/sysinfo -s

"Sarcar, Shourya (MED)" wrote:
> Hi Ketan,
>         I will not flame you for mailing irix questions on a Linux list :-)
>         If you want to know your CPU type, then 'hinv' [hardware inventory]
> Shourya
> Shourya.Sarcar@xxxxxxxxxxxx

> #Subject: [LIP] How to get processor id?
> #
> #
> #hi all,
> #       i need to get the processor id in irix. which is the system call
> #or how to get it.
> #TIA
> #bye
> #ketan