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Re: Re: Somethings about libraries..

>>  How can the kernel know that the new program is different from
>> the one it loaded just a short while ago.

if the original code file is replaced by a new copy then a new inode entry is created and the previous one remains until at least one 
instance of it is executing. 

>> If it tries to share code between
>> these processes, the result would be, well; interesting.
>Kernel doesn't have to check the timestamp. The write to a.out, also
>goes through the same kernel. Before writing the updated copy of a.out
>to the disk, it updates it's cache. Everybody reading it, as well as
>mmap'ing it immediately see the changes.
>	-Arun

the question still remains that  how the process already running react to new code. if  i manually open the file & copy the data to it.

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