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Re: Somethings about libraries..


In case of applications also, it is possible to share the same code segment by
two or more instances.. If required for each instance it will maintain
different data segments (for eg., vi, netscape etc)


Kedar Patankar wrote:

> Hi,
> > 1)I believe that when multiple apps use same shared library, only one
> copy of
> > library is maintained in memory unless library code area is writable.
> > 2)Same goes for applications. If I run two bash session for example, they
> share same
> > code area.
> In case of shared libraries, its correct. Only one copy of the shared
> library code exists in the core at any time. But about apps, I am not
> sure whether if all the instances of bash running on a box share the same
> code "segment". If an app forks then yes, the children would share the
> same code area, but I doubt if two unrelated instances of the same
> executable share the same code area.
> Kedar.
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