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Re: SAMBA service have error

   The best way to configure and run SAMBA is through
SWAT, for that uncomment the swat line from /etc/inetd.conf
 Then point your browser to http://localhost:901 or from
any m/c in the network as http://linuxserver:901

You can do whole lot of thing from there including
restarting the samba server.


Hello Dear,

I have a GNU/Linux server RH 6.0.
I have a network of NT-Workstation 4.0 machine(clients).

Now problem with SAMBA service.

Previously; the samba services and printer services was
working fine.
Now Immediately some thing happened with the server and
SAMBA services not

In my Windowing M/C , Inside the Network Neighborhood, I
can see the Icon of
the server.
If I click icon then an error message come "\\Linuxserver
is not accessible,
The network path was not found".

I have restart the server also, but no result.
How can solve my problem. How can again start SAMBA services.


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