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Re: what is the difference between shared and static libraries

This might help you.



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Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2000 9:46 AM
Subject: [LIP] what is the difference between shared and static libraries

> hi all,
> can anybody explain me the difference between the shared and static
> libraries.. both are going to be included before executoion..
> but even static libraries are also shared among rprograms know then why
> specifically two names are given.. i am not clear in this hting..
> also if i am writing a fucntion for converting a long value to  a string
> how to make is as a library... i heard that we can use
> ar archive.. but we have to compile it before or what.. if compiling means
> it should contain main().. then how can other program cna use that
> library..
> can anybody explain me from scratch.. i am very much interested in having
> my own libraries.. help me..