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Re: getch() in linux?


These is a version of getch in svgalib. I think it's called as vga_getch();
supposed to read from keyboard directly. However the library need be setuid root
so it's a potential security risk...


ambarish pathak wrote:

> Anand D Sankruthi wrote:
> > can anyone tell me a function in linux which works similar to getch() in
> > dos, i.e., it should take in one character at a time, without waiting for a
> > ENTER.
> hav u tried "getc" from <stdio.h>! i vaguely remember a warning which
> said "it may b a macro which evaluates the file stream twice". do chek
> out "info getc".
> > i found one in <curses.h>, but am not able to figure out how to use it??
> u dint give its name?