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Re: The Opera needs a round of applause

Hello All,
  I too have faced a problem with Opera. 

Our proxy asks for authentication for accessing the net. All the browsers
show a authentication window, but Opera craches for this. 

I think that kind of support is not provided in Opera.

Syed Khaleelulla.

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Shridhar Daithankar wrote:

+Last time I used Opera, it had a massive memory leak bug. They knew it and were working on it. From your description it looks
+like it's been fixed.
+Anyway for free, konqueror is good enough, by the time RedHat and eventually PCQ ships it on CD, it will
+be stable enough. At present, it crashes a few times but very few bugs(That I have encountered. -:))
+  Shridhar
+Aravind Sadagopan wrote:
+> Now no body can complain about browsers in Linux. I downloaded a copy of Opera 4 beta 2 for linux and
+An alpha version of a web based tool to manage
+your subscription with this mailing list is at

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