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The Opera needs a round of applause

Now no body can complain about browsers in Linux. I downloaded a copy of Opera 4 beta 2 for linux and

I am pretty much impressed with it. Using QT for its user interface the look and feel, ease of use is amazing.

It is faster to load and renders pages accurately and is stable (even for a Beta version). There is one catch however

that users have to pay  29$ for it (I am using the evaluation). I would say its worth the money for users who

want a light weight standard compliant browser rather than use the memory hungry netscape. Konqueror is good but it still

lacks the professional opera touch. My hope is that opera releases their browser for linux free of cost..they are link it

against free edition of QT for linux. Its definitely worth trying


Aravind S

Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip
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