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RE: GNU make and VC++

#Hello list,
Hello buddy !

#I have a project which was developed using VC++. I want to 
#port that onto linux
#m/c... I have done the porting work. What i need is that 
#somehow i should be
#able to export the makefile and use that with GNU make 
#utility... else i have to
#write the makefiles for the complete directory structure on linux

Depending on the time, and initiative you have, you may try 'imake', the
platform independent Makefile generator which comes with the XWindow System.
You will get a brief intro at this site

but I would reccomend you take up the original book by Paul Dubois

Software Portability With Imake (Nutshell Handbook)
by Paul Dubois, Gigi Estabrook (Editor)

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