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Re: xsl support

If you are using Windows - The answer is yes (Internet Explorer 5.5) but I
guess you wouldnt be asking in Linux mailing list
Netscape 6 PR3(for Linux) has support for XSL..It is not an official version
and may die unexpectedly. They is a tool -Lotus XSL -which can apply the XSL
transformation to your XML file and then to HTML that can be displayed on
your normal browser. You can check this tool in alphaworks, IBM
.(http://alphaworks.ibm.com/) . There are couple of other tools developed but
I lose track of them.

Aravind S

Chetan Gopal Kashinath wrote:

> hi,
>     is there a browser that supports xsl to some extent ( according to the
> w3c standards ) so that i can test my xsl files ??
> thanx
> - chetu
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