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RE: incresing performance !

#hello Friends,
hi rudra,

#         Well, I am working on porting a signalling
#protocol stack on Linux. Well, I have one problem. I
#need to increase the number of messages handled per
#second by a factor of 20( roughly). What all are the
#issues that can contribute to this and how can porting
#help in this ? 

One would definitely be the temporary in-core storage techniques you use
what are your buffering strtegies. do you allocate memory as and when
required. if you do so that 
is very expensive. almost all RT systems do a preallocation of memory and
maintain an application/library pointer
to have a small malloc time.

#xactly what should be done in protocol
#stack for this but mind U, it has around 70K-80K lines
#of code.

the size of the code should not be a problem unless youhave used some
prorietary and OS specific language or platform specific logic.
if legacy code is in C/C++ ( icall that heritage code ;-) then you are
relatively (not always) safe...