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Re: file table entry and i-node

if u create the 2 descriptors using open()  then file table entries will be different . each with its own 
current offset .  writing to both desc may result in loss of data if append option is not specified during 
reading & writing won't have any problem.

if u create the second desc using dup() (or some variant) then file table entries will be same. & the 
problem with writing to both descriptors won't arise.

the v-node entry is just one for each file, which may be open in more than one process . 


At 10/31/00 9:55:00 PM, you wrote:
>hi all,
>i have a basic doubt. each process when access a file
>will a entry in the process table first. then the
>corresponding file's file table entry will have the
>file's current offset and type(r,w,rw).. also the
>v-node table will contain the functions accessing the
>so i am running a program in which i use two file desc
>to open the same file. explain me about the filetable
>entry and v-node entry for the above process. 
>case(1): if both are writing to the same file
>case(2): one reading and other writing.
>anybody plz help me in clearing this concept.
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reply soon

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