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Beginning Linux Programming (Wrox) has a nice chapter on ncurses). Don't
know about any free sources of info...

Don't be search shy, look up "ncurses tutorial" or something in google.

Also check out the source of any OS program which uses ncurses.


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please help me

my name is sudhir kumar r
iam doing my BE  in computers
in my 5th sem sylabus we have a editor to be designed on linux platform

i am finding a lot of problem to switch from conio.h header file in TC to
curses.h file in linux

please help me in giving a suitable explamples
1. creating windows
2. to get different colors
3.to create sub windows like when we press alt+f we get a small file window
|||ly how to implement that in linux
4. where to find further help

thank you



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