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Re: bounds checker ?

It's been a long time since I read this, but I remember that there are
several drop in replacements for malloc() which keep a track of when (and
whether) that particular allocated block is freed or not.

As I said, I've completely forgotten which site I read this at, but it had a
whole smorgasbord of info in memory leak detection... Sorry! :-(


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> > Electric Fence is what U are looking for my friend... What's more U can
> > find it with some standard distributions (RH at least), no going around
> AFAIK, electric fence won't tell you *where* there is a memory leak. It
> will definitely show you where you overrun buffers (by making the code seg
> fault at that place).
> However you can use electric fence to do memory leak *detection*. Because
> electric fence allocates 1 read-only page before and after each malloc'ed
> chunk, any tiny memory leaks would be very easy to find using plain old
> "top".
> THe problem of finding where exactly are you forgetting to free the leaked
> buffer is tough. And I am not aware of anything other than thorough code
> walk through to fix this.
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