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Re: Help to execute C Program Outputs

Hope these are the steps you followed ..assume your source file is in
[mydirectory]> gcc test.c

This will create a a.out file in 'mydirectory'..Then to execute
[mydirectory]> ./a.out

This will execute the file a.out (the "./" is a shortcut to execute from the current
Other alternatives will be
1. include 'mydirectory' in your path..by giving -export PATH=$PATH:mydirectory and then
execute the program starightaway at the prompt
2. give the full path name of your executable- /home/anand/mydirectory/a.out at the

Aravind S

"Y.R.S.N.Srinivas Anand" wrote:

> Hello Friends
> I am a new comer to LINUX. I had written C Programs and compiled them without errors.
> My computer does not execute a.out even though Execute Rights are available.
> Kindly Help
> Y.R.S.N.Srinivas Anand
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