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Re: socket propgramming

> i want to communicate to a machine in different subnet means how to
> acheive it with socket porgramming... i did the same thing lihke
> creatinga socket and establishing a connection with a machine with the
> local subnet ... but when i wawnt to connect to a valid ip machine or a
> machine in diffrent subnet.. how to acheive it programmatically.... can
> anybody help me...
there shouldn't be any difference in connecting to any machine using
sockets. At the TCP socket level you don't have to worry about subnets or
anything. you just specify a destination ip and socket and then just
connect!! And as long as you can reach them through normal programs there
should not be any problems. The only problem that you might have is that you
might be behind a firewall or a proxy. in case you are behind a proxy, then
you will have to connect to external addresses through the proxy server! and
also most firewalls filter out packets to non standard ports.

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