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Re: gdb and 'c' programming

Hi Anuj
   I dont think it makes a lot of difference either way... I guess the end
product will be an executable no matter how many source files you have and you
are debugging the executable. Even if your project has a hundred source files
and different target in your makefile..all you have to do is compile with the
-g option
and give the name of your executable (which has been formed linked from 100 odd
source files)..set a break point at 'main' function which I suppose..run it, it
will break at the first line of your program..then type 'n' to debug line by
line..if you want to see the values of your vriables use the 'print' command to
view the values

I hope this is what you wanted to know  or maybe I am not clear on this...

Aravind S
Anuj Kumar wrote:

> Thanks for response.
> This is useful. If I have one '.c' file then OK.
> But I have complete Project, Number of '.c' file is there.
> And i am using 'Makefile' project concepts.
> In this case how to start debugging line by line.
> Waiting you guidence.
> with regards,
> Anuj
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> Run
> # gdb <program name>
> gdb# r  (to run the program)
> gdb# break filename:line (to set the breakpoint)
> gdb# continue (to continue from the breakpoint)
> gdb# n (to trace through)
> Hope this helps..if you are in to GUI programs then DDD is the best
> choice
> Cheers
> Aravind S
> Anuj Kumar wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I want to use gdb debugger for 'C' program.
> > I have compiled program using -g option.
> > Now; I want see the program behavior Line by Line.
> > How can I run 'C' program line by line?
> > Waiting your valuable guidance.
> > With regards,
> > Anuj
> >
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