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Ethernet Card Problem

Hi all,

1)  I want to install two ethernet cards (RealTek 8139) in my linux
m/c. The cards don't have any jumper setting facility for irq. I
configured both cards, (setting IP addr, kernel module, irq etc.) using 
"netconf". But, I'm not able to run any network application. For example,
when I start NFS, the following 3 messages comes again and again..
  eth0: Tx queue start entry 4 dirty entry 0
  eth0: Transmit timeout, status 0d 0004 media 08
  eth0: rtl8139 interrupt line blocked, status 4 

2)  My second problem, is that, I want to install ISA NE2000 card in some
other linux m/c. I have written following two lines in the /etc/conf.modules,
    alias eth0 ne
    options ne io=0x300
But, during initialization of eth0, at boot time, it gives folloeing error
message and fails,
   "insmod ne: device busy"
What can be the problem?

Thanking in advance,