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Re: gdb and 'c' programming


Download DDD from GNU site, www.gnu.org  if you love GUI and (bit more) ease of
use :-).
You will need lesstif also.

Kdbg is also good. It's a part of KDK. It 's better in terms of display of data.
It understands hirarchy of data structures unlike DDD. You can get it from



P.S. Sorry for replying to a reply. I got reply first and I have yet to receive
the query.

puneet wrote:

> >>>>> "Anuj" == Anuj Kumar <Anuj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Anuj> Hi, I want to use gdb debugger for 'C' program.  I have
>     Anuj> compiled program using -g option.  Now; I want see the
>     Anuj> program behavior Line by Line.  How can I run 'C' program
>     Anuj> line by line?  Waiting your valuable guidance.  With
>     Anuj> regards, Anuj