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Proxy testing

Hello all,
    I am currently working on a proxy testing project, which requires me to send request( 
URL's) to the Proxy and get the response from the proxy. Several requests needs to send to 
check the number of requests that can be handled simulatneouly.Respones for each of the 
request should be received. I do have the message formats of the server and client. Since I 
will not be programming on the server side, I do not know whether the request sent has 
reached the proxy. I am using sockets to connect to the proxy. The proxy is listening at port 
1405. I am able to connect to the server (I believe it does connect to the server bcos it does 
not give me any error message with the connect() system call). The proxy is residing on a NT 
machine and I am writing the client program on LINUX platform. How do I go about it ?. 



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