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Re: Linking problems


Exact error messages will help. Anyway try following.

1)rpm -ql `rpm -qa | grep ncurses`|more

Find out libraries i.e. .so file in this listing and try to specify it as -l
option on gcc command line.

Something like this.

$ gcc -o first -lcurses first.c

If you have a shared library as  libname.so.<version number>, then command line
option will be -lname. Remeber that.



Anuj Kumar wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Problem -one:--------
> I want to use <curses.h> / <ncurses.h> And <unistd.h>..
> I have linking error. Because I don't know linking options.
> I am using gcc complier.
> Please, I required your valuable guidance.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Anuj
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