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RE: Perl -system command

The following warning is displayed
Warning: missing newline at end of file <file XYZ>

I am briefing on how file XYZ is created
The script calls  an executable which will create file XYZ
This is compared for difference with an already existing reference file and
the difference is logged to a .err file. The problem is coming at this step.

Even with (` `) same was the case
However system() always gives "Interrupted System Call" error
Please help.

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	"Sachin Shurpali (RBIN/DCA-NMP)" proclaimed:
	>  $dif=$filedot.".err";
	>     print "\n",$dif,"\n";
	>     $EXEC="diff $current $verif > $dif";
	>     if(system($EXEC) != 0 ) -
	> ---------------------------------------------------------error
	>     {
	>         print $!;

	Why are you using the system() call?  Why not just use backticks

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