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RE: Perl -system command

Dear ilugs,
I am including the snippet of the script here . Also I found that system
call generates following error message

foreach $file (@file_list)

.# create .v and .out files

#check if there is any difference ; store difference in .err file

    print "\n",$dif,"\n";
    $EXEC="diff $current $verif > $dif";

    if(system($EXEC) != 0 ) -
---------------------------------------------------------error here
	print $!;

It generated Interrupted System Call  error message

Kindly help.

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	On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 13:47:12 +0200 , Sachin Shurpali (RBIN/DCA-NMP)

	> Dear ILUGs,
	>     At a certain stage in a Perl script , the system command is
	>  failing! .
	>  The parameter to the system command is diff shell cmd with long
	>  pathnames.
	>  Could somebody tell me why this is happening. However if the same
	>  is
	>  executed in another script , it is getting executed.
	>  TIA
	>  Sachin
	Can you send your code snipet ( lines of code where it is failing ).

	If code is working outside from command line and not working as CGI
	check for the included perl module is in @INC perl appache  path. 

	Deepak Joglekar


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