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Request for Help


	I'm doing some of the co-ordination work for the "Development -
Powered by Linux" section at IT.COM. I just got this suggestion from Biju
Chacko and I'd like some help on this. Hey says

> Make sure you have some standard business type development demoed. That
> is,  some kind of multi-tier app: back end Oracle (preferably), C++
> middle ware, and Perl/Python/whatever front end.
> It may not be the most glamourous stuff around, but you'd be astonished
> by  the sheer size of the market there is for this stuff.

Now the problem really being that for me atleast, for a long time
middleware == vapourware. What I'd like to know from the community really

a) What are the kind of middleware products that are useful and available
b) How many of them are Linux oriented / centric
c) Which of them would be optimum to install / demo

	I'm really out of my depth here and I'd like all the help that I
could get. TIA.

   Madhu M Kurup /* Nemo Me Impune Lacessit */ madhu@xxxxxxxxxxx