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Re: Hiresolution time measurement on linux

check out getitimer and setitimer calls ........

"from the man pages "

ITIMER_REAL    decrements in real time, and delivers SIGALRM upon

 ITIMER_VIRTUAL decrements only when the process is executing, and
delivers SIGV­
                      TALRM upon expiration.

 ITIMER_PROF    decrements  both when the process executes and when the
system is
                      executing on behalf of the process.  Coupled with
                      this  timer  is  usually  used  to  profile the
time spent by the
                      application in user and kernel space.  SIGPROF is
delivered  upon

> Hi,
> What is the best method of measuring time intervals in linux
> user space? I would prefer the method to be independant of
> settimeofday() calls.
> Is there is Linux parallel for the Solaris gethrtime() sys call?
> Thanks,
> Harshal Pradhan
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