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RE: X app on multiple displays

yes i think that's what i told for *nix based workstations
just using xdm at server end and export DISPLAY variable on workstations
and starting X 'll get server X screen .


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I do not agree with you. I use reflection. It's an X server after all.

What you need to do is to run a X application with multiple display
variables as
command line arguments.

Or other way I can think of is, as follows.

Lets say you want a program running on machine 'A' to be displayed on
'B' to 'Z'.  So on machines 'B'-'Z', add 'A' in access control list. And run
program on 'A' with DISPLAY variable set to any one machine of 'B'-'Z'.
Point is
it has to go to the network.
The machines 'B'-'Z' should listen to and accept the broadcast traffic from
machine, even if it's not destined to to them. Maybe put your network card
promiscuous mode. Ugly hack indeed. What do you people think? Will this


Abdul Basit wrote:

> well you can run use Reflection-X suite for this that'll do NFS sharing of
> for you
> if you use windows on workstations , else just export DISPLAY variable on
> your workstations
> to server:screen format and run X ..

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