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RE: Simultaneous file access.

#"Sarcar, Shourya (MED)" proclaimed:
#>         write the ftp program so taht i9t can accept a PID 
#to which it can
#> later send a signal. Let your dependent app register for a 
#callback. write a
#> signal handler in you dependent program. that way you can 
#avoid polling the
#> filesys and continue with some other work (if your dpendent 
#program is non
#> blocking in design)
#Do you, by any chance, write Booch-certified, Object Oriented, 
#Hello World programs in C++ for a living? ;-)

Burp !
	Many many years ago, when Bjarne used to go to a creche, and Booch
used to hang-aroung with procedural groupies, I wrote a Simula program which
had a Bart object which collaborated with a Chain of Responsibilty pattern
to trigger of a Command object which would make the Bart::_principal object
cout<<" I will make sure the students make no more fun of your name , Mr.
Glaskoch ". And at time I was working at a Nuclear plant ;)


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