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RE: c++: 2D array

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Sarcar, Shourya (MED) wrote:

> Guh !
> 	A slightly bloated but robust code follows . Purify says no memory
> leaks ( 0 bytes :) and that __is_good__ !
> However, not that the inhyerent pointer manipulation in C makes this program
> susceptible to access beyond array bounds. Couldn't figure a way to get
> across that :( In all, I should think that this is pretty good C++ code :)
	Thanks, Although I have never used templetes, your program gives
me a motivation to study them. They seem to be quite powerful.
	Thanks once again to all for your time and efforts.


#!!!	If anything can go wrong, _FIX_ it. (To hell with MURPHY)
						Ajay kumar Dwivedi