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Re: deleting files (not always)

   i am working on an embedde project, i am using a
M-Systems diskonchip for embedding,and linux Red Hat
6.0 as the os. i able to boot but when with lots of
error,even i do get the login prompt,but when i am
able to enter the id i never get the password prompt,
and the systems stop at that point. can some help me
 1) which is the sysinit file, were is it found
 2) can i remove the login prompt, if so how

that's all
with regards
--- "Binand Raj S." <binand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sachin Dole forced the electrons to say:
> > How can I delete files (from a program) only when
> it is known that no user
> > is reading or writing that file at that moment???
> Just unlink(2) the file. It is guaranteed that the
> file will exist until
> the last file descriptor to it has been closed.
> Binand
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> The prompt for all occasions:
> export PS1="F:\$(pwd | tr '/[a-z]' '\134\134[A-Z]')>
> "
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