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Re: Re: [linux-india-programmers] OSPF code

Thanks Kedar & Uma,

Right now I am trying to understand the protocol. Do you have an idea of what
the latest RFC number is for this protocol ?

Basically, I have to make an SNMP agent for this , and I need to get the MIB
for this.


Kedar Patankar wrote:

> > > Does anyone know where I can get any information about the OSPF
> > > protocols , and any source code for an Internet Gateway which uses this
> You can also get gated, a routing daemon distributed with RH (and many
> other distros ofcourse). If you want the source, you can pick the
> corrosponding srpm from any of the standard mirrors
> (metalab.unc.edu).
> BTW, gated implements several routing protocols other than ospf.
> Kedar.
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