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RE: help: configuring jsp on apache webserver

can u send the three config files to me.
and i can check but there is one another issue that apache jserv doesnto
support latest servlet specfication as well as i think gnu jsp also are not
latest jsp specification( not sure) .so if you ahve no apprehensions then go
for tomcat or resin( www.caucho.com ) or orion server.they are far better in
terms of functionality and as well as performance.
if you wnat to support virtual hostign then please go for resin as tomcat
doesnot support till now

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> Subject: [LIP] help: configuring jsp on apache webserver
> hello friends..
> i need ur help. actually i m installing gnujsp on my system..
> but i m not able to configure it with apache web server..the server makes
> the class files but during interpreting them it gives the exceptions..it
> says org....httpreturn class not found..
> where i will find this class..
> can u plz tell me .its urgent..
> bye
> ashish
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