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Re: designing a brand new NFS.

CODA is Absolutely *fantastic*! I've heard people talk about it on Slashdot,
but I never really got around to clicking on the links. Really nice

I'm not going to clone it or aything, but I'll certain  ..er.. draw
inspiration from it! ;-)

BTW, although I'm not supposed to do that for the project, I'm looking ahead
a little and thinking about writing the driver for this so the entire fs is
transparently available. FOr the projet all I'm supposed to do is provide a
working API and test it.

I've written a few baby drivers (which didn't do much). Anyone know which
would be the simplest driver to be found either in the kernel source or
anywhere else? Something that covers all the bases, but isn't too
complicated... And a well documented driver would be nice too. :-)

I'm not being lazy; I'll start looking through the source myself, but any
help would be appreciated.

All for now and thanks for all the fish...


> You might consider reading about work from CMU - afs, coda etc. IBM,
> which owns the code now is releasing it open source.
> http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/