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> 	Presently i am writing a driver for a data aquisition card
> on LINUX ker ver 2.0.31. Are the physical interrupt lines directly
> mapped to irq numbers(cat /proc/interrupts).

AFAIK, Some of the interrupts are hardwired. For example RTC is always
connected to IRQ 3 while the FDD is mapped to 6. (remanants of the IBM-PC
architecture). For other cards it depends on which type of bus it sits on?
If it is on a PCI bus, then PCI slot 0 is mapped to IRQ 4, and so on.
Perhaps ur BIOS may give u some more details. On the other hand if ur
device is on ISA bus, then u can set the jumpers on the device so as to
use a particular interrupt. In ur device driver u can program it to use
the interrupt which u have fixed.
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