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Re: Portable Python GUI

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 10:11:38AM +0530, Lakshmi Anand K wrote:
> I want to write some win32 portable code in python. I know that python
> interpreters for Win32 exists. Is it possible to have its GUI too portable?
> For that, what should I use? Gtk/Qt/... ?

Tkinter is the "official" python GUI that comes with the python distro.
The advantage is that it's portable, well documented and stable. The
disadvantage is that it needs Tcl, another scripting language to run.

Once upon a time, when I was green and foolish, I spent a few days
trying to make python talk directly to Tk, without Tcl before giving up.

Unless you're working on something that _really_ needs to be portable,
I'd suggest using one that you like the most.

I normally use the excellent KDE/Qt bindings by Phil Thomson. It has
been ported to QT 2.2, but not KDE 2.x. Troll Tech has donated a 
windows box and a QT license to Phil to port it to Windows.