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Re: Installation

I think that you should install linux in primary partition
because when installation go beyond 1024 cylinders
lilo can't detect your partition and you can't boot directly
then you have to use loadlin...

And about signal 11.... I found this during installing RedHat 6.2 PC Quest 
but when i tried second time i succed.. So try it once more I found that
it was media error.


On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Muthu wrote:

> Hi to all,
>         i have a 486Dx2 system and i am trying to install Linux in my 20GB
> hard disk.
> But the bios is not detecting my hard disk. Then i disabled the on board IDE
> drive. But i received an signal 11 , and my installation got  failed.i am
> looking for a good suggestion
> thanx in advance
> with regards
> pearl
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