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Some doubts


I had some funny (?) problems.

First: My Java code (GUI stuff {arrgh! course assignments!}) shows up
completely differently (to the extent of nothing showing up on the screen
beyond a blank window) in kernels 2.2.. and 2.4.(test)

The only variant is the kernel. So, could this be a kernel issue?

(2.2 - shows up more like the expected thing.
2.4 - blank! .. sometimes, after shuffling some lines around, I get
something on the screen)

Secondly, I save a file from that application of mine. When I say 
"cat filename", it does not show the __new__ saved file, but the one
previous to the saved one, but "{vim|pico} filename" shows the new saved
file!!!  How's that? Of course, if I ":w" (i.e., save) from vim, and then
"cat", it's back to normal. But this is quite wierd! What's going on?

Is "cat" faulty? Or is this again some kernel issue??