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Re: :ISR and Device driver


 you have to firstly define what you mean by a "program". If its a user
space program then you can't ... else If you mean a piece of your own
then it depends on how small or what its functionality is.

In an ISR you should only execute the most necessary functions of your 
handler. This should be very small and compact. Now if you need to
some information after your interrupt then you should use a Bottom Hafl 

A bottom half handler is used so that processing of an interrupt can be
outside the ISR. This allows the OS to again recieve interrupts 
and carry on execution. 

Look at the linux kernel document for an explanation of bottom half


Santosh Singh wrote:
> --- Santosh Singh <sanhackin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  Hi,
>    I have developed a parallel port device driver and
>  based on external interrupt i want to execute some
>  system call or rather to invoke some program from
> within the Interrupt Service Routine(ISR).
>  Can anybody suggest me waiting eagerly.
>    Thanks in advance.
>                ----Santosh
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