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Re: sharing files b/w processes

better use named pipes ( fifos)  that will prevent other processes from
being able to read the data.

Chetan Gopal Kashinath wrote:
> hi all,
>     there is a necessity to share files among prscesses. but there are a few
> issues
> 1. process A has its euid set to a
> 2. process B has its set-u-id bit set
> 3. process A calls process B for a file to be read ( which it cant as a
> doesnt have read  permission )
> 4. process B reads the file ( after authenticating real uid ) and wants to
> pass iton to process A
> is the best way to do by storing the file temporarily and process A reads it
> and immediately destroys it.....
> thank you
> - chetu
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