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Re: test through java

Dear chetu,
            If your question relates to executing other programs from your
java program then this is the procedure that I have followed and got things
          There are two classes in JDK that allow you to do this:-

        First you have to get the runtime object of the current process and
then you have to create a new process object from the runtime object. 

       Explore the two classes and you will find everything

       Java forks and execs a program if you follow this procedure so do a
"wait" after executing the process.


On Thu, 27 Jul 2000 20:41:56 +0530,
linux-india-programmers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>  hi all,
>      i want to execute " test -d <some directory> " through my java
>  is it possible ?? how do i do it ??
>  thank you
>  - chetu
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